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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paleo Almond Joy Bark

It happened again.  I did a couple posts, then got sidetracked, then put off doing new posts, and now it's been a couple weeks.  I have been spending some time thinking about blogging and why I do it (it's fun!) and what I hope to get out of it (a sense of accomplishment and an outlet for creativity).  I think my mindset has changed from when I started out and I'm going to allow myself to be more relaxed about it going forward.

What I haven't been getting sidetracked from is eating paleo.  Still doing it, still loving it.  A lot of people starting paleo try the Whole30 and go cold-turkey on processed and no-list foods, starting strict and adding things back from there.  I went about it kind of the opposite way, starting with the standard list of paleo no-nos, but being willing to still eat a few things (like cheese and peanut butter).  I'm finding as I go along that I am becoming more strict and less willing to cheat.  Almond butter is just as enjoyable for me as peanut butter and cheese?  What was I thinking?  Now that I've had dairy out of my system for a while, the cheese off of one slice of pizza is enough to send my stomach roiling.

If you take a quick scan through the recipes here, you can see that I have a sweet tooth, but that's one thing that I haven't cheated on.  And by cheating I mean eating grain-based and processed baked goods--I have made a few paleo baked goods and they were pretty darn good.  However, most of the time I just stick with dark chocolate.  Good quality (organic, soy-free, 60% cacao or higher) dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and fairly low in sugar, so is not a bad choice.

I have been eating a lot of coconut too, sometimes with the chocolate, and that always reminds me of two of my favorite candy bars, Almond Joy and Mounds.  Paleo-ifying those candy bars is just the next natural step, right?  Melt all the components together--almonds, chocolate, coconut--and you have a pretty healthy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth that takes less time than making a batch of cookies.

Want to make your own?  Click here or on the recipe for a printable version.

Because sometimes you feel like a nut.  And sometimes you don't.

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