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Monday, November 19, 2012

Sausage Kale Soup, Revisted

I originally posted this recipe last December and while I love the recipe, it has long bothered me that the pictures were so bad.  I make the soup with some frequency and decided it was time to just take some better photos and re-post it.  I had only been blogging for a month at that point, so there's a good chance you weren't reading back then and you haven't seen this recipe before.

This soup is based on Zuppa Toscano from the Olive Garden and if you spend any time online, I'm sure you've seen a recipe or two telling you how to make that delicious soup at home.  I've had a few different "knock-off" versions and they get pretty close to the real thing, but I like my less-close version better.  I know it sounds like I'm playing favorites, but it really is better.  Really.  (And I'm going to backpedal just a little by adding the disclaimer, "If you have the same kind of tastes as I do.")

My version is a little different and here's how: it's dairy-free and low-carb.  I took out the cream and potatoes and replaced them with coconut milk and cauliflower, along with increasing the amount of sausage.  Depending on the health guidelines you subscribe to, it's pretty healthy.

Want to print the recipe without getting the rest of this post along with it?  Click here.

Have you ever made any restaurant-inspired "knock-off" food?  Did it turn out?  Would you rather eat what you made or what you got at the restaurant?  If you could cook anything at home just as good as at your favorite restaurant, what would it be?

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