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Friday, June 15, 2012

Ten on Ten: June

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I am linking up again with the photo challenge Ten on Ten from a bit of sunshine this month.  You might notice, though, that it's way past the 10th of June.  Actually, I got confused on dates and took the photos on June the 9th and then spaced and forgot to post.  Flaky, I know.  Not familiar with Ten on Ten?  The premise is this: on the tenth day of the month, take one picture an hour for ten consecutive hours.  Sounds pretty simple, right?  So here we go with my day . . .

8:00 AM  PBJ for breakfast, looks so much fancier when you cut it with a bread knife.

9:00 AM  My forest of heirloom tomato starts . . . ugh, constant watering is getting old.

10:00 AM  T-ball Round One: Camo's team, the Tigers.  Coached by Daddy.

11:00 AM  T-ball/Coach Pitch Round Two: E's team, also the Tigers.  Also coached by Daddy.

12:00 PM  Lunch from our new family obsession: Five Guys.

1:00 PM  The monthly visit to the Mister's grandmother.  She's 102.  Can you imagine all the things those hands have done over her lifetime?

3:00 PM  Birthday party for an awesome friend at a super fun park.

5:00 PM  Pre-dinner bike ride.

6:00 PM  Finally home and kicking off my shoes.  That's right, I'm a toe shoes wearer.

 7:00 PM  A little family movie time to wind down before bed.

It is so amazing what gets crammed into one day, no?  What was the highlight of your day?

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