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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ten on Ten

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I have been a reader of this super cute blog, a bit of sunshine, for a while and finally decided to take part in Rebecca's photo challenge/project called Ten on Ten.  I know there are a lot of photo challenges out there and I really thought about doing the photo-a-day for a year thing this year, but found it a bit too overwhelming.  This one, though, I find totally doable and really pretty fun. The premise is this: on the tenth day of the month, take one picture an hour for ten consecutive hours.  Easy enough, right?  So without further ado, here's what I did today.

9:00 AM  Heading out the door to for a workout and yoga.

10:00 AM  Downward Dog.

11:00 AM  Picking out a runner-up since the "W" section was all out of Mo Willems books.

12:00 PM  At the park, removing a mystery sliver.

1:00 PM  Our Thursday tradition: coffee from a local roaster on the way home from our field trip du jour.

2:00 PM  Fixing an afternoon snack.

3:00 PM  Bike riding in the driveway, it's a beautiful day.

4:00 PM  Back to the Y: swim lessons.

5:00 PM  Stopped on the way home for new cleats for t-ball.  Rubber boots are not cutting it.

6:00 PM  My daily yard patrol to see what's growing . . . Hello, future pie cherries.

This was just a regular day for me, but looking back over all the photos, I really feel like I accomplished a lot.  If you want to check out the other submissions, which I would definitely encourage--it's fun to see what other people do during the day--go here.

What would your Ten on Ten look like for today if you had taken photos?

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